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is an electromechanical trading and contracting company founded in the year 1978. With a leadership vision in the electromechanical contracting field, we achieved a steady growth in work and quality and succeeded to expand our field of work and expertise from ventilation and air conditioning contracting 34 years ago towards the execution of all kinds of mechanical and electrical works including plumbing and drainage works, heating, hot water systems, water treatment systems, fire fighting systems,irrigation systems, pumping, building high and low currents systems, lightning and earthing systems, controls, building management systems and automation.

We are committed to perfection of work, quality and performance improvement and problem solving to increase the standard of quality and always meet our client's satisfaction relying on distinguished executive team, outstanding senior engineers and continuously improving selected engineers and workforce.

MISSION Ensuring the highest electromechanical quality standards and most cost-effective services within the client's required delivery time.

VISION Growing to be a premier electromechanical contracting company by implementing innovative and superior technical solutions.

DIRECTION We contribute to the advancement of our industry. We tend to preserve the spirits to work fairly, honorably respecting people, our work and company reputation.

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